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Dan Garms has over 30 years of high-level executive search experience, cialis generic best cialis illness primarily for growth-stage and best buy viagra emerging technology companies. In conjunction with these search assignments, cialis generic Mr. Garms also frequently assumes advisory roles and serves as a company board member. Mr. Garms’ practice places its emphasis on transformational executive recruiting assignments, understanding the impact that leadership has on the success of a company in competitive markets. He also arranges for vital capital resources, and helps clients establish strategic partnerships to accelerate market penetration.

Our Advantage

  1. Our technology-industry focus allows us to be highly connected with not only candidate sources, but service providers, venture capital and investment banks, analysts and consultants. Our connections are high-level and broad-based, resulting in a highly-effective marketing and referral team that can source the best executive talent.
  2. We complete even the most difficult executive search projects faster by “making haste slowly.” We take the time to understand your needs, culture, strategy and people. As a result, when we deliver a potential candidate he or she is more likely to be a great fit. The result: less time, iteration and energy required by our client executive.
  3. We have access to research and industry experts across a wide set of technology domains. As well, our internal resources provide expertise related to strategy, industry and technology trends that are recognized as being best-in-class.
  4. We know the operating and team-building challenges that our clients face. In-short, we are quick-studies that waste no time and are easy to work with
  5. Our Executive recruitment approach provides a proven success model. Our clients always know what to expect and where we are in the process.


  • Hands-on executive recruiter, with an uncompromising focus on execution.
  • Expertise in analyzing people & assessing organizational structure.
  • Exceptional research & recruiting skills with the ability to identify qualified prospects & turn them into interested candidates.
  • Well connected with unparalleled contacts in the business & venture capital sectors.
  • Expertise in facilitating client introductions to prospective business partners in marketing & channel development for new market entry.

For over 25 years we have helped early stage companies achieve their goals through finding necessary capital, recruiting key members of the team, developing a board of advisors, and forming strategic relationships during this fragile period of a firm’s life. We can provide Founders with these important resources through our exceptional network of executives who have achieved significant success in their careers.

Our success has been based on trusted relationships with industry-leading chief executive officers, venture capital funds, angel investors, and subject matter experts encompassing our areas of interest. Our functional placement expertise includes boards of directors, board advisors, senior executive, permanent and interim level management personnel.

We differentiate ourselves by the support we provide from human capital management consulting; to working closely with our client’s in building winning teams, and assisting them in creating mutually beneficial introductions between management, capital sources, and strategic relationship partners, resulting in value for investors and management partners.


If you are a Founder or CEO of an early stage company and want to reduce your risk and improve your opportunities for success, contact us today.

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